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Welcome to my web site. I hope you find everything you need. Please feel free to contact us about your fly tying and fly fishing needs.  

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#355 Standard Flared Bobbin

#355 Standard Flared bobbin with fine tube. 4" long. I recommend these to all tiers because they do not groove like the non-flaired straight tubes do. This is especially true when using braided threads. The thread act like a saw against the end of the tube. Grooves in the tube leads to frustrating thread breakage.
 PRICE REDUCTION! Price: $2.25

#354 Standard Straight Tube Bobbin

 #354 Standard bobbin with fine tube. 4" long. Please read description above in #355.
 PRICE REDUCTION! Price: $2.25


#357 Midge Bobbin Flared Tube

#357 Midge bobbin with flared tube. 2-3/4" long.
 PRICE REDUCTION! Price: $2.50

#358 Open Arm Bobbin

#358 Open Arm bobbin with fine flared tube. 5" long.

 Price: $3.50


#367 Ceramic Bobbin

#367 Ceramic bobbin with fine tube. 3-3/4" long. This bobbin features ceramic inserts at each end of the fine tube. This makes for terrific accuracy when wrapping flies.
 Price: $4.49

#FG5000 Scissors

If I was one slick dude with a PhD. I'd be selling these for twice the price.
Here are my best scissor. Just like the expensive 'brand' name for a fraction of the price.

Price: $7.95 CURVED BLADE

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