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The prices on this page are at least 20% off the normal price on the site. They won't last forever and quantities are limited to stock on hand.


Aluminum Cast Reels

9255SS Very strong Stainless Steel hook with a long shank. Perfect for lots of saltwater patterns. I've used them to make crabs for tarpon and permit and they perform great. A terrific value that won't last long. get them at this p[rice while they last and/or are on special.
9255SS Hooks 100 Pk
9255SS Hooks 50 Pk
9255SS Hooks 25 Pk

 Cast Aluminum Reels

Is it possible to get a beautiful reel and line for $50 and get FREE SHIPPING?? Yep. These reels are $37.50 and lines are on sale for $12.50 (see below). $50 gets you FREE SHIPPING. These reels are cast aluminum. They are light weight with a tough drag system and have performed great over the last two years for me. I always try out the products I sell and I can't believe this value. Easy left to right switch with no tools needed. It actually takes about 2 minutes. They are offered in weights from 2 thru 7/8. THIS IS THE FIRST TRUE 2 WEIGHT REEL I'VE FOUND WITH A DRAG SYSTEM. I love the little outfits and use them whenever and where ever I can. Colors limited to stock on hand.

 60mm = 2wt. 70mm = 3wt. 75mm = 4/5wt. 85mm = 5/6wt and 95mm = 7/8wt.

Cast Aluminum Reels
Lightweight and dependable!!


 85' Fly Lines

I've been using these lines for 3 years to catch anything from 40 pound Kings in Alaska to bonefish and barracuda in Belize. I honestly can't see why you would buy comparable lines for 3, 4 or 5 times more. They load and fly beautifully. They have no memory, cut through wind and I can cast them a long way (finally the guide DIDN'T say "anudder tin fete". Couple one of these with the reels above and you've got a reel and line for $50 (generally the price of a fly line alone) and you get FREE SHIPPING. $50 at my site gets you free shipping. Try one and see if you agree! Colors available are from top left in picture: Green, Yellow, Chartreuse, Clear and White.
85' WWF Fly Lines
85' Fly Line w/Loop End
100' WFF Fly Line

 100' Intermediate Clear Fly Lines

I am blowing these lines out. Although I have had good success with them, they cast really nicely and all, but I am not impressed with their finish and durability. I've called several companies and they are all having the same problem. The monocore construction is strong but the coating shows too much wear for my liking. They are a terrific value at $15.00. Pictured in lower left in the picture.
Clear Inter. 100' Fly Line

FG001.jpg (62027 bytes)
Standard Dry Fly
Down Eye - Std Wire

New Lower Price!!

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