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Hot Glue Fly Tying

 The Fish Guy is adding fly tying instructions for many different and unique tying techniques as well as instructions in "Ideas" for use from Fish's line of unique tying products and materials. This is an on going process so stop by regularly for tying tips and step by step photo instructions as well as great fly tying merchandise!

Table Of Tying Contents


Tying Section: Making your own extended bodies...

Here is the sequence of making your own extended bodies for caddis, mayflies, midges, stoneflies, hoppers, damsels and dragons and etc.  Once a little practice has been done you can make extended bodies fast and easy. Let your imagination loose!

Items needed:

The Basics:

  1. Stick desired needle into tube of silicone to coat needle.

  2. Take dubbing and place on needle (base of needle first) and twist needle to spin dubbing on needle to form body.

  3. Squeeze some silicone of your finger to put an overcoat of silicone over dubbing. Spin needle as you coat body with silicone on finger.

  4. Once body is to desired shape and size, take your thumbnail and put behind base of body and push off of needle. Place body on paper towel and let dry.

  5. You're ready to tie your fly.

Mayfly Tails add-ons:

Midge Tail add-ons:

Photo sequence:

FTDBodies1medium.jpg (66764 bytes)
Needles, Silicone, Dubbing & Tailing Fibers

FTDBodies2medium.jpg (76332 bytes)
Selected Size Needles in Dowels...Set of 5

FTDBodies3medium.jpg (87857 bytes)
Step A...Coat needle with silicone

FTDBodies4medium.jpg (72888 bytes)
Step B...twist needle and twist dubbing tight on needle

FTDBodies5medium.jpg (74318 bytes)
Step B...add more dubbing if needed

FTDBodies6medium.jpg (80144 bytes)
Step C...Dap more silicone on to put an overcoat on body

FTDBodies7medium.jpg (70818 bytes)
Step D...Push body off of needle with thumbnail

FTDBodies8medium.jpg (72182 bytes)
Step D...Let dry on paper towel or other surface

FTDSalmonFlyBodymedium.jpg (64058 bytes)
Salmon Fly Body with egg sack

FTDCallibaetismed.jpg (45349 bytes)
Tomsu Callibaetis

VERY high quality needled were used to make the set of 5. Fish has the needles for sale at this point and will have the silicone in smaller tubes and the finest dry fly dubbing available in the very near future for your convenience.

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