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This combination of Hot Glue Guns and Glue Sticks took years of development to get just the right temperature and consistence to make perfect hot glue salmon eggs and clusters as well as bonefish blanks. Other gun and glue combinations just didn't get the job done. We recommend using 'The Original' Fish Guy gun and glue combinations for the best results!
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We have detailed instructions for single eggs, egg clusters and bonefish MOE heads. Click here!!


Starter Hot Glue Kit
: 1 Glue Gun, 5 assorted glue sticks, a foot of bead chain eye material and a sample pattern.
PRICE: $18.95


Advanced Hot Glue Kit: 2 Hot Glue guns.10 Hot Glue sticks, a foot of bead chain eye material and 2 sample patterns.
PRICE: $37.95     

Hot Glue Guns: We recommend one Hot Glue Gun per color to insure color purity and eliminating waste.
PRICE: $14.95 each    

Hot Glue Sticks:  COLORS AVAILABLE: Olive, clear, blue, pink, orange, champagne, yellow, amber, lime, black and purple. We recommend at least 2 sticks per color if you are using a single gun.
PRICE: $1.00 each

Silver Bead Chain: Sizes medium (hook sizes #4), small (hook size #6) and extra small (hook sizes #8-10)
PRICE: $1.00 foot  

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