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Kobé Hooks - The Finest in Fly Tying Hooks




The Holidays are right around the corner. Order early ... and often.

  • FLY LINES From $12.50 - REELS From $37.50  
  • New Arrival of Saltwater hooks in lots of sizes starting at $13.50/100


Yep I've seen these for up to $58!!!

Current "Specials"

Don't miss out on the Current "Specials". When I get new products I like to have my customers get 'first shot' at the best prices.

New Lower Prices found throughout the web site. We have been able to 'buy better' and pass some savings on to you.

BLOW-OUTS Page coming soon!!

Located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley, we now have more warehouse and office space in expanding the business. The Fish Guy is dedicated in bringing to you, the fly fisher and fly tyer, a wonderful array of quality fly tying tools, fly tying hooks, fly tying materials and fly fishing supplies and gear at the best prices. 

We have spent many years finding and testing many fly tying tools, fly tying materials and fly fishing products, finding the best in quality and prices, so that you will get the best and most for your money. If you have never bought from us, well take some time and browse our web site, check the prices and products offered and if you have any questions, please email us.

We will be starting a regular update and e-newsletter starting January 2006 with new products, specials and news about The Fish Guy.
To sign up just click on The Fish Guy and put "Sign Up" in the subject line and add the email address you would like the e-newsletter to be sent to.

Make The Fish Guy your fly tying headquarters!

Fly Tying Tools - Fly Tying Hooks - Fly Tying Materials

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