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We offer a complete line of fly tying whip Bodkins and Threaders at excellent prices. These are imported from India

Bd140 sprite.jpg (12450 bytes)#BD140 - Carved Mahogany fish wood handle bodkin 5-1/4" long, Something different for the Fly Tying bench.

Price: $4.95 each

BD608 sprite.jpg (20749 bytes)#BD608 - Brass Handle Bodkin 3-3/4" long.

Price: $1.75 each


Bt365 sprite.jpg (21103 bytes)#BT365 - Combination Bodkin and Threader made of aluminum with a knurled body 7-1/2" long

Price: $1.75 each

Bt621 sprite.jpg (22808 bytes)#BT621 - Combination Round Brass Bodkin and Threader on a chain.

Price: $3.50 each


Th605 sprite.jpg (21303 bytes)#TH605 - Brass Threader Tool with Half Hitch end.

Price: $1.50 each



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