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These fly tying vises are imported from India and look just like the expensive ones. I've since sold my $200 to $300 fly tying vises and now I use these. 1,000 flies later I'm still on the same vise. Funny how much a 'name' will cost you. Click on photos to enlarge.

114sprite.jpg (34028 bytes)#FG114       $32.95            Spring Lever Action Vise holds hooks from 5/0 to #28. Extraordinary hook holding power that rotates 360 degrees. This is our most popular vise.

    #FG114 Spring Action Lever Vise


137sprite.jpg (37378 bytes)#FG137      $32.95            Multi Action Vise rotates 360 degrees. designed for the more advanced fly tyers. It's made with stainless steel components for long lasting service.

    #FG137 Multi Action Vise

101sprite.jpg (36299 bytes)#FG101      $10.95            AA Vise has been the workhorse of the industry since the beginning of time it seems like. A great vise to get started with!

    #FG101 AA Vise


104sprite.jpg (34039 bytes)#FG104      $7.95            Travel Vise w/base This baby is so small you can carry it in your vest. Why not you've got everything else in there!!! You won't be tying tarpon flies with it but it works just great for a light weight traveling fly tying kit.

    #FG104 Travel Vise


111sprite.jpg (35903 bytes)#FG111      $7.95           Travel Vise w/screw type base. This is the same vise as the #FG104 without the base. A lot of people like this one because you can screw it into a picnic table or a log at streamside and match the hatch right there!

    #FG111 Travel Vise w/screw


99sprite.jpg (37755 bytes)#FG99      $19.95            Beginners Vise w/tools in blister pack. the whole kit and caboodle for someone just starting out. Get 'em started young Dad, your eyes will be going sooner than you think.

   #FG99 Beginners Vise w/tools in Blister Pack

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